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H. Marshall Gardiner (1884-1942) was born September 18, 1884 in a family picture directed by his father, WH Gardiner. Apparently, some sources list his name as "Harry", other sources put on the list as "Henry". Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, his family emigrated to the United States for 1890. Once the family settled WH Gardiner opened two photographic studios, one in Detroit, Michigan during the winter months and a second in Mackinac Island, Michigan, as well asfor summer tourism. Recognizing the potential for increased tourism marketing in Florida around 1894-1895 H. Marshall Gardiner and his family moved to Detroit in Daytona, Florida, which was much more accommodating to the business of the family photo during the cold winter months.

H. Marshall Gardiner learned many of their techniques of photography from his father before leaving on their own in a relatively early age. While his father often used wet collodionnegative, the technology has developed in H. Marshall Gardiner was able to use gelatin dry plates in their early years. In later years, was able to use film is cheaper and more convenient.

Another important lesson learned from his father, Gardiner was one of the main operating a successful business is to get a picture in a resort. Gardiner Early in his career he traveled to Bermuda. He launched a series of beautiful Bermudahand colored scenes and sold in Bermuda's tourism industry. Sold, there is a considerable period of time, these scenes of Bermuda has provided a good source of revenue last year. It became so popular that even saw some pre-printed (versus hand signed) signatures suggests that a significant volume of sales, enough to justify the considerable expense of pre-printed mats.

Around 1910, first for the island of Nantucket, off the coast of Cape MassachusettsCod was 26 at the time and the people of Nantucket during the year was just over 2,500, not enough to support an area of ​​photography throughout the year. The Nantucket Gardiner opened a photography shop of art supplies and common. Work as a single agent of Nantucket, Eastman Kodak, the company has expanded to include the only service photofinishing island. However, with a small population of years, also adding a gift shop to complete the hand-paintedphotographs, portraits and general photography services, and art could not support the Nantucket year-round.

Thus, during the winter months, which helped the family business of photography at Daytona and the Isle of Mackinac. And his father's death in 1935, Gardiner took over the family business into a full-time at Daytona.

H. Marshall Gardiner was married twice. His first marriage was a Nantucket "Macy", a descendant of one of the founding familiesNantucket. He died after eight years of marriage and married Bertha Chase, Coffin, a descendant of another family foundation of Nantucket.

H. Marshall Gardiner hand-painted pictures are very similar to those of Wallace Nutting and other leading photographers in New England. In addition, they mate, usually on board with an indentation around the image platemark opaque white, signed "H. Marshall Gardiner" at the bottom right of the image, and titled lower left below the image. YMost fall between the more subtle, even in the style of Wallace Nutting.

From the point of view of a collection of color photographs in hand H. Marshall Gardiner produced works in three main areas … Nantucket … Florida … and Bermuda. And the opportunity to work with collectors Gardiner general classification, in that order.

H. Marshall Gardiner hand-painted picture Nantucket are undoubtedly its most desirable. The money usually lives in Nantucket, and two full-timepart-time residents and visitors and tourists like to gather Gardiner hand-painted pictures of Nantucket. Scenes with buildings and people are usually the most desirable. Marines and site-specific outdoor scenes are also highly collectible. Its outdoor scenes are probably the most generic of his collection of different views of Nantucket. Even if for a short period around 2000-2002, the price is over $ 1,000 for the rarest of Nantucket scenes in the best conditions, thehigh-end market is a bit 'softened and now the best scene is the most common Nantucket Gardiner put in $ 250 – $ 500 range. Apparently, the market eBay Nantucket Gardiner was led by a handful of collectors and, once it acquires no title or exited the market, rising prices began to fall back in line. The most common titles of Nantucket and in poor conditions can make it much less.

Gardiner Florida hand painted, the images arebecome a growing collection of hand-painted collectors of photography and collectors in general, Florida. Most of the scenes in Florida are more generic Gardiner (palms, ribs, moss-hung, rivers, sand, etc..) Photo particular situation usually have higher prices than the more generic scenes in Florida and usually you can expect Florida Gardiner Hand-colored photographs to put in $ 100 – $ 250 range.

Scenes of Bermuda and, though less than the collectionthe three main categories of Gardiner, are always popular among collectors. However, as we have seen less "Bermuda" collectors "Florida" or collectors "of Nantucket," the prices of the scenes in Bermuda normally costs $ 75 – $ 150 in our auction.

Gardiner cards are also widely collected. Unlike their pictures painted by hand, you can ask a higher price today, your Nantucket postcards are much easier to find and are much more convenient. And if you like photography H.Marshall Gardiner, you will find many more points of view on the cards of the hand-colored photo. Most of Gardiner postcards were produced by Detroit Publishing with its process "Phostint" print patented. Although some B & W cards are available, their cards more popular and many colors. Overall H. Marshall Gardiner lead postcards $ 2.50 $ 10.00 each, while some may lower their prices a little 'higher.

H. Marshall died in GardinerDecember 4, 1942 and is buried in his beloved Nantucket

Recommended Reading: For more information on H. Marshall Gardiner, referring to a book written by his daughter, Geraldine Gardiner Salisbury Post called H. Marshall Gardiner Nantucket: 1910-1940.

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