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Chinese medicinal herbs reverse and prevent osteoporosis

Gelatin JointsChinese medicinal herbs reverse and prevent osteoporosis

Western drug treatments for osteoporosis, bisphosphonates with regard to the weakening of the bones

Osteoporosis (which means "porous bones") is a condition where the bone loses its density over time, leading to weakness and increased risk of fracture. These risks can be reduced with lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and exercise programs to strengthen bones, improve balance and prevent falls. But if osteoporosis is advanced and is beingthe care of a Western doctor, most likely received a prescription for a bisphosphonate Fosamax and Boniva ® ® or artificially increase the density of their bones. These drugs are the treatment of choice by mid-1990. However, like all good things seem, it is worth pursuing the latest research proving the efficacy and safety of the drugs you are taking long-term.

Recent studies published in The New England JournalDoctors have shown a significant association between prolonged use of Fosamax ® and unusual transverse fracture of the femur, indicating that prolonged treatment with these drugs tends to weaken the integrity of the bones, rather than strengthen. (1)

In April this year, Dr. Pauline Camacho, Loyola University Medical Center, told Reuters that the current health of the AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) advised patients to take a break of three years frombisphosphonate after 4 or 5 years of treatment. (2)

Here in the West, there is no alternative to treatment with bisphosphonates compared to the usual recommendations for minerals such as calcium citrate supplements, Vit. D-3, magnesium, potassium, boron, vitamin K-2 and strontium ranelate. Traditional Chinese medicine, however, was to help people to deal with all aspects of successful aging for a few thousand years!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach:

Traditional Chinese medical theory is approaching a state of disease such as osteoporosis, faceted point of view, taking into account the relative balance between all aspects of your body and its environment. If you use a tree metaphor to describe a particular medical condition, your doctor will start your search with the Chinese inspection of the leaves, stems and branches and trunk of the tree and root system. Also consider local environmental landand sources of water and air before reaching a diagnosis of what has become out of balance. Even when a collection of symptoms that describe a lack of harmony in the trunk and branches, such as "osteoporosis", the doctor will design a treatment plan that restores resources when using the tree and the balance of all systems is responsible for maintaining the vitality of the tree.

According to ancient Chinese health and vitality of the bone matrix depends on the quantity and quality ofKidney Jing (literally "fuel resources"). Jing is a useful metaphor to describe the origin of "water" of bone growth and remodeling activity during the life of the plant. In short, with many other human activities, said Jing osteoblasts to work making new bone and osteoclasts supplies of energy to break the old bones.

During his lifetime, a woman can wear your Kidney Jing, especially during pregnancy and childbirth excesses, overwork, stress or sexualactivities. As a result, you lose bone density. Brittle bones, however, are not the only symptom that will suffer. Other symptoms include loss of hair Jing premature aging, hair loss, tooth loss, hearing problems, back pain and knee. These symptoms can also be found in men, although less frequently and usually in the future.

In theory, the MTC, the system of the liver stores the blood and control the strength of the tendons and nerves. If you deplete the patient's liver, he or she may alsodizziness, dryness, blurred vision, tinnitus, thirst, night sweats and tendons and arthritic joints.

These patients may also complain of muscle pain and weakness, poor digestion and fatigue. In theory, TCM, Qi spleen / pancreas (literally, "energy") is responsible for processing and transport of food to all parts of the body, including bones. Spleen recycles the energy and maintains the health of blood vessels and muscles.

Chinese herbs to treatOsteoporosis

Given this great image of possible signs and symptoms, Chinese medicine is to return power to any system of organs that are responsible for bone health – the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys, in particular, Jing. Chinese herbal formulas have been used successfully for over 2000 years to reach this goal. Herbalists know exactly what the roots, plants, fruit and natural substances to restore these resources. When these substances are immersed in water,therapeutic release their nutrients into the water, the resulting broth become a drug of great value.

Broth soup an essential form of nutrition therapy for osteoporosis

Most hospitals in China to identify the requirements to their patients in hot broth flasks. Patients using broth therapy to regain health faster and are able to maintain a level of vitality for a longer period of time. The tablets and capsules, while useful, are notslowly absorbed into the body and take longer to achieve the desired effect.

"Chinese soup broth for healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis ®"

This soup recipe has been handed over to a Chinese doctor to another for centuries. In many of my patients with osteoporosis, has completely replaced the need for medication bisphosphonates. Herbs prepared boiled pork neck bones, and carefully selected in a slow cooker for 6 to 12 hours Each game lasts 16 days and canbe stored in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to use. The herbal ingredients in broth can be obtained thanks to my clinical practice, a kitchen ready for packages accompanied by simple cooking instructions and can be shipped across the country.

Although the exact formula is proprietary, the basic ingredients include Chinese wolfberry soup, longan fruit, red jujube date, Codonopsis root, astragalus root, the root of Angelica sinensis, root of American ginseng root glehnia, the costsginger root and jelly horns. Adjustments can be made to the recipe, even for patients who suffer from arthritis or hip / joint diseases.

In my 11 years of clinical experience, all patients continued therapy for more than nine months rose / bone density of 15 to 30%. All patients are also committed to 30 minutes of exercise, diet and some fresh garden of vitamin / mineral supplements. Use of this soup recipe to dateno side effects, and seems to maintain bone health until it is incorporated into their lifestyle.

(1) "atypical fractures of the femoral diaphysis in postmenopausal women treated with alendronate," The New England Journal of Medicine, March 20, 2008, vol 358: pp 1304-1306. Joseph M. Lane, MD, and G. Lorisch Dean, MD

(2) Osteoporosis: A guide for physicians Pauline M. Camacho, MD, and D. Paul Miller, MD Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;April 2007

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